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Stanmore Testimonials

Stanmore Testimonials 

Reshma Sanghrajka & Sachin Shah

November 2021

It’s been over 3yrs now my daughter has been at the Bright Start, how much has she learnt, developed, made friends who she wants to be with at her next stage of school. Bright Start has done very well throughout the Pandemic period and even now with everything opened up – parents are kept well informed with updated messages.

All staff take pride in the nursery making sure every child’s development is brought up to their level. They are all very caring and it's apparent to see how loving and patient they are with the children. My daughter is happy with everyone.

I've been very happy with Bright Start and cannot recommend it enough.

Jyoti Shah

September 2020

My daughter attended Bright Start just after turning 1 and left this year. Leaving your child in the hands of someone else after a year of looking after them yourselves is a daunting prospect for any parent. The staff at the nursery were very reassuring and worked together with me to ensure a smooth transition. They gave detailed feedback each day and have always given me the time if I needed to discuss something.
The nursery has a very nurturing environment where the staff really get to know your child and care about their well being. During her time there my daughter not only bonded with her key worker but all of the staff there. She made lots of friends, learnt to be independent, became sociable, took part in many fun activities, went on trips and most importantly came home happy each day. 
The small nature of the nursery means it allows for a small community to form which you feel very much a part of, with parents regularly invited to tea parties, sports day events and performances with the children. 
A big thank you to all the staff at Bright Start. You are a great team who are passionate, fun and brilliant at what you do. My daughter has been cared for so well over the past 3 years and I'm so grateful. We have so many happy memories of her early years there and will miss you all lots.

Deepa Samani

July 2020
Both my children attended Bright Start Day Nursery. I moved my older son from another local nursery as I felt that his old nursery had so many staff and no one really was able to tell me about his day. What a contrast Bright Start was. This nursery is completely different and the staff got to know my son straight away. Even staff who were not his key worker could give me the small details of his day that made me feel like his presence was one of a community. He was part of the Bright Start family.


My daughter joined at a younger age and became part of the baby room. It is always difficult leaving children for the first time but the settling in period and connection with the key worker supported her transition so well.


Both my children have grown and flourished in this happy and purposeful environment with staff and managers who care deeply for the children. Now that my youngest leaves to go to school, I reflect on this time with Bright Start as a place that gave my children an enjoyable start to learning as well as it being a reassuring time for us as parents knowing that we were leaving our children in good hands.


I thank all the staff at Bright Start for giving us all happy memories and I highly recommend Bright Start for any family looking for a nursery place for their child. 

Priya mistry

June 2020

My 2 daughters Maya and Jasmine have been attending Bright Start for over 9 months now.
It is a lovely friendly setting. Unlike bigger nurseries in the area, all the staff and manager actually take pride in the nursery and they are genuinely interested in the welfare and development of all the children. They are all very caring and its apparent to see how loving and patient they are with the children.
My daughters have been extremely happy there. It is like a second home to them and it makes me feel happy that they feel safe and secure at nursery.
They have formed strong bonds with their keyworkers Bhavina and Chandni but I also love the fact that due to the unique setting and family atmosphere, they know all the staff really well and genuinely look forward to seeing them.
Maya will be going to school in September and I am really pleased with her development at Bright Start this year. She has become a very independent girl. A lot is done to prepare the children for starting school which I've been very impressed with.
Jasmine was not even a year old when she started nursery and was extremely attached to me.  As any parent and even though I'd gone through it all with Maya, you do still dread leaving them. Her transformation has been amazing though and it's lovely to see how her character has changed. She has picked up so many new skills too and is now a confident chatty toddler.
I've been very happy with the nursery and I cannot recommend it enough. Shrina, Jackie and the whole team are doing a great job!

Carmen and Gabriel

June 2020

Our daughter Amy has been at Bright Start for almost three years and because is going to school this year we would like to say thank you to Bright Start Stanmore and all the members of staff.

The staff are incredible, always warm and friendly, accommodating & supportive, in our case especially with food and artificial colouring allergies.

The setting of the nursery is very good and the childrens are encouraged to be outside in the garden or playground, giving them much more confidence.

We would highly recommend Bright Start to anybody looking for a nursery in the Stanmore area.

Iona Pascal 

June 2020

Bright Start Day Care Stanmore has been a second home for my child. The teachers alongside his peers have helped him develop interpersonal skills, social skills as well as learning to speak English as a second language. Many thanks to all the teachers and staff who have had the patience and love, to nurture my child while he was attending this nursery, and make him feel safe and loved.

We will be always grateful for all you help.

Many thanks.

Kevin Kapadia

July 2019

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Bright Start who have  looked after Kian during his time with your nursery.
As proud parents, we’re extremely happy with Kian’s development and the efforts that your staff have invested and are very confident that he is well prepared as he embarks on his next adventure at school.
We would like to wish you all the very best for the future. Kian and ourselves will miss you and remember you all with great fondness.

Michelle Bradley

July 2019

Darcie has come on a lot since attending Bright Start, she has learnt letters, numbers and the days of the week which is great, we are rally happy with her development. Darcie looks forward to coming in to nursery every morning and has made great friends since attending Bright Start. The staff are great and have really cared for Darcie throughout her time at nursery.

Kelly Kehn

July 2019

George loves coming to "new school" and his best friend is Megan. The parents are such a good group and we will miss seeing everyone everyday. 

Reshma Sanghrajka

July 2019

As new parents, one of our hardest days was leaving our daighter at daycare on her first day and watch her cry. though we're told we can stay with her as she gets used to the place, we decided not - just drop and go! 


"Bright Start" - the name sats it all --> clean, tidy, healthy diet, good fun, educational activities for the children etc. Staff take pride in every child and is shown on a daily basis, what more do you need.


From day 1, we knew this was our daughters second home where she's safe and happy :)

Thank you to all staff for their hard work and patience! 

Safiyya Choglay

July 2019

I am very happy with the girls in the nursery. They have really helped and supported Halima's learning and progress as well as with toilet training.

Dorota Piotr

July 2019

I want to say thank you to the teachers at the nursery as my daughters English language has definatley improved through playing and learning. the other day she came home and sand a whole song she learnt at nursery. She gets really happy and smiley when she recieves the stickers. 

Rozalia really enjoyed her time at nursery over the year and its fantastic to see changes in her character the school has brought out.

Dr Vic Sivanesan

June 2019

We previously had both our children at a local nursery in Stanmore. We were disheartened by the constant crying before going into nursery with our youngest and dismayed by the negative reports about behaviour when picking him up. We were made to feel that our child was the problem and needed help. Sometimes you fall into the trap of thinking this is the best you’re going to get - until we were recommended Brightstart - and by heck were we wrong!


Since moving to Brightstart we’ve been encouraged by the engagement of staff, their enthusiasm and the positive impact it has had on our son. As opposed to the previous nursery which was purely service driven, (ie get bums in places and give them back at the end of the day), Brightstart actually take pride in the care that they give and this is shown on a daily basis.


Our son is a different boy in this setting. He’s happy, he’s helpful and he is growing. We are so glad we moved to Brightstart and would recommend it for a first time choice of childcare setting or for those that are in similar situations to the one we were in.

Georgette Oram

April 2019

It has been an amazing journey for our daughter Nasha.

When she started the nursery she was very excited and happy to attend every day.She looked forward to meeting her friends and participating in the fun activities.

She was very close to her key worker Chloe and spoke very highly of her teachers.

She enjoyed going on the trip to Odds Farm, the exciting sports day at Stanmore College and short trips to Cannons Park during the summer breaks.

The graduation ceremony was very exquisite,as the students sported their lovey blue gowns.The friends and families were a very good mixture of trained professionals,which meant that the children were from very good backgrounds.

When Nasha left the nursery she was reading and writing fluently, thanks to the help of the loving staff from Bright Start Nursery.

Thank you all for your hard work and for making Nasha’s time there enjoyable.All the very best for the future.

Harshna Brahmbatt-Capman

March 2019

Our daughter has been attending Bright Start for more than three years. From the start, we know that it was the right place for her. All of the staff are attentive, kind and interested and engaged in the welfare and development of the children.

Our daughter has thrived in the setting and it is clear she loves going to nursery. She has developed confidence and made great friends, even at such a young age.

The staff always respond promptly to feedback given which has been great, plus we couldn't be happier with the care and early years education provided by Jackie, Shrina and the whole team.


We love how all the children play with each other and look after each other. Also how the staff genuinely seem to care about the children. Megan has been a great key person. We've been happy with the way Evangeline has developed whilst at Bright Start.


Khabelia Pugal

July 2018

My little one started at Bright start Nursery Stanmore in October 2016 to present, we are very happy with the nursery & later this year my daughter will be attending. The staff are caring, kind, well lead and very affectionate/accommodating to the children’s individual’s needs. The nursery is clean and tidy and they look in detail to promoting a healthy diet, good meals and a wide range of activities for the children. They celebrate all auspicious occasions from Christmas to Diwali so the children can learn about different culture. I especially like that parents are kept informed about their children’s progress and what they will be doing from their learning log, parents evening, planning and each child has their own key person, who I am especially happy with; Chloe, and the other staff have a very good repour with my son and he loves going to nursery to see his teachers and friends, it feels like going from home to home and I know he is safe & happy …..Keep up the good work ladies!


Emma Ogboye

June 2018

Tiana has been at nursery for 4 months. All the staff have made myself and Tiana feel very comfortable and welcome. Claudia has been very accommodating to meet our needs in relation to booking days and sessions. 

Tiana loves all the staff. the nursery team are all very close and all of them including the manager plays with the children and welcomes the children on arrival. It's a very warm and homely feel here. We love Bright Start Nursery.


Debra Oyela

May 2018

My son Jelani started at the nursery in 2016 just after he had turned 2. Immediately there was an improvement in his speech and interaction with others changed due to his interactions in nursery. 

I am happy with the way the teachers interact with my son. They have a personal interest in his development which is very good for him. 


The nursery has a very health and safety conscious environment for the children which is very good. The children are encouraged to be independent which is also very good. Jelani has learnt to dress and undress, re: his outer clothing, shoes. Jelani has also learnt responsibility on where to put everything ie. everything has a place that it should go. All this is from his experience at nursery. 


I am happy that at this Nursery, Jelani has learnt his basic arithmatic and alphabets and is able to write and recognise his name as opposite to only being able to identify himself by a picture when he started. 


Thank you. 

Lyceca Dsouza

February 2018

I cannot recommend this nursery enough, the staff are fantastic.

I am glad to have left my baby every single day without any concerns being a full time working parent. They really do love the kids, which is why my toddler has a happy day here. I had no idea he would learn so much, he is always singing different rhymes, counting and painting. I am amazed at the amount of different activities they have during the week to keep the children busy. They stick to the the planned agenda, the play areas are kept neat and tidy. They encourage outdoor and indoor activities.

I would highly recommend Bright Start to other parents.

A big thanks to Claudia, Shrina, Megan, Yvette, Amy, Chloe, Grace & Davina.

Seonaid Powell

January 2018

My Daughter joined Bright Start day Care in Stanmore October last year. She settled in very quickly and I can see that she enjoys being there. The staff are attentive, friendly and all show they take pride in their roles in the nursery. The nursery is safe and the indoor and outdoor facilities are a great place for the children to learn and have fun.


One aspect of the nursery that I do like is that your child’s progress is tracked in a book designed by their key worker. This book has all their targets and pictures of them, so that you are able to see what they have learnt and achieved at nursery. 

I highly recommend this nursery and assure you that their key person and the manager will take good care of them. 

Lolita Parekh

October 2017

My twins have been there since last April (2017)and enjoy it a lot there. Staff there are great, they look after the kids well and listen to any concerns we may have, and give great advice for things going on at home. They are very confident and caring about their abilities, and the girls there are constantly improving things and finding great activities for the kids to do. I highly recommend this nursery for any parent looking for day care for their little one..

Reshma Patel

June 2017

My daughter attended Bright start day care Stanmore for the past 7 months. She thoroughly enjoyed her time there. They were very helpful and encouraging as she initially settled in to the nursery. She build a great connection with her key worker Megan as well as the rest of the team.


They have daily diaries online which is easy to access and regular pictures taken during the week. They are very approachable and professional and I would highly recommend Bright Start Day care Stanmore!

Malgorzara Korko

February 2017

My son has been attending the Bright Start Day Care Stanmore for nearly six months and I’m very pleased with the service so far. The place is clean, has a friendly ambience and provides a safe environment for the children to play in. It is situated away from a busy road and has a yard with colourfully decorated walls, which gives the place an inviting character. The marquee that is set up in the yard provides an opportunity for the children to play outside, whatever the weather. I particularly like the positive and can-do attitude of the team. The staff are very friendly and have established a good relationship with both my son and myself as a parent. The nursery is very effective at communicating with the parents through various media. It also encourages parents to be actively involved in children’s development through weekly feedback forms and participation in special events. Pre-planned activities are definitely a forte, with emphasis on children’s individual needs and abilities. All in all, I appreciate the effort put into maintaining high standards and the focus on children’s well-being and development.

Anjula Shingadia

December 2016

Bright Start day Care in Stanmore is a home from home for my son and he has developed exponentially since he joined.  The staff there are so full of fun and energy, and they really love their jobs and the children they care for. There has been virtually no staff turnover (like I've experienced at other nurseries) and the fees are also the most competitive in the area. There is a regular encouragement for both indoor and outdoor play with great  facilities, which really helps as all the age groups need fresh air all year round.


They have provided a fun, safe and caring environment where my son has gained so much confidence - socially, emotionally, and academically. He loves the staff there so much and the peace of mind that brings is invaluable, meaning I can work without ever worrying about how he's getting on. I can not praise the place enough and highly recommend the nursery to any parent looking for day care.


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