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Baby Room (3 months – 2 years).


Our Baby Room is set out specifically to ensure that even our smallest of babies can enjoy their time whilst being in our setting. The care we offer is adapted to the needs of each and every single baby as to the reason why we ensure that your child’s documents are filled out thoroughly so that we can adapt accordingly. This stability of care enables your baby to settle in easily and quickly with our staff ratio of 1:3, we can ensure that our highly qualified staff can give your baby the love and care that they need.


Within the Baby Room we have soft mats laid down, all shoes are removed to ensure it is safe and clean for them to play freely. The  babies have access to all toys and equipment, we have ensured that everything is at reach for them, also ensuring that activities are set on the mats. Our activities range from creative play, physical play, stimulating play etc. More so our baby room play is child led. The babies also have access to our Caterpillar Garden, and are able to enjoy more suitable toys in this environment with close supervision.


At Bright Start we ensure that our babies get as much rest as they need to re-energise, each child has their own cot/bed and own blanket provided from home to ensure they feel comfortable and snug for sleep time. There is also a comfortable, safe and secure changing facility on site.


Last but not least, we cannot forget every parent is informed about their child’s stay each day from what activities they enjoyed, to meals they have eaten, when the took their nap etc  by using our Daily Dairies. We like to ensure that every parent is leaving satisfied with the update of their child’s day.


Over 2′s Room (2 Years +)


Our Over 2’s room offers the perfect environment to have tons of fun and develop/learn new skills. Our staff are committed and keen to organise plenty of focused activities, this enables them to evaluate the progress of every child in their care. Plenty of opportunities are provided for both girls and boys to choose what they enjoy to play with.

The Over 2’s room is divided into specific zones enabling the children to take part enjoy and promote their , personal, social and emotional development, communication, language and literacy,  problem solving, reasoning and numeracy, knowledge and understanding of the world, physical development, creative development. Each activity supports the children’s learning and all equipment is easily accessible to the in boxes on trollies which are at their height level, we also have each box labelled and a picture to they can identify it with ease. As required by the Early Years Foundation stage Curriculum, staff members carry out observations on the children daily to assess each child’s progress to help individual planning to achieve their learning goals and put together next steps to also help develop the skills that they need.

A nursery routine is followed and every day they enjoy a breakfast, circle time (with choice), snack, free flow, child-led and staff-led activities, group circle time, lunch, sleep time, circle time (with choice), fee flow, more child-led and staff-led activities, tea time & more activities with afternoon snack. The children are able to enjoy and have plenty of exciting fun in the safe and secure Caterpillar Garden.


As children start beginning to toilet train and also the ones that are already, we have an en-suite toilet facility with child stepping stools for them, we also have a spate changing facility for those that are still in nappies or pull ups. We realise how important it is to reward the children as it builds up their self-confidence, we introduce rewards chart for each child and also give them a ‘special stamp’, we also encourage other children to praise their friends just as we do, as this makes them feel special.


At Bright Start Day Care we notice how fast your children learns and develops at this age, we as a nursery are solely committed to work closely with you so that your child can reach their full potential. As a private day care we work closely with each child to emphasise learning through play with our staff: child ratio of 1:8. Children with Special Needs and those who have English as an additional language are very well planned for and we receive specialist support from the council.


Throughout the year we welcome very special guests and make special visits, including the police, fire service, dentists, nurses to support their learning and understanding. We also make trips to the local parks and library also annual yearly day trip out we invite all children and parents/careers to attend. As a way of encouraging children to become independent as possible, we allow them to serve and feed themselves, encourage them to choose their own snack, help set up and tidy away activities and use the toilet independently.


We at Bright start Day Care value the relationships with parents, we give daily feed back to the over 2’s parents on a daily basis also have a diary board for parents/career to read which gives parents information on what the children have done throughout the day i.e. planned activities, breakfast, morning snack, lunch, tea and evening snack. We ask parents to take home a child interest form every week and bring it back on a Monday so we can see what the children have done over the weekend and what the child has been interested in so we can do individual planning for your children. We also hold a formal parents evening twice a year one in January and the second one in June with written reports on the prime and specific areas. If your child is 2 years old we undergo a 2 year progress check report which gets sent to our local health visitors.


When your child is at the legal school age and is moving up we send out transition documents to the school your child will be attending so that the school can see the stage what stage your child is developing at, and your child’s profile’s which contain observations and learning journeys which show the development throughout their time with us.