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Fees & Funding

Bright Start Day Care aim to provide a service to help parents in any way we can.


We offer flexible childcare: Term Time Only/ and All year round 

We require a deposit to secure a place which is refunded provided we receive one month's calendar notice and all fees are up to date, if parents decide not send their child the deposit will not be returned

There is non refundable £30.00 registration fee 

Fees are calculated by the weekly fee which is then multiplied by 51 (all year round) or 38 weeks (term time only) and then divided by 12months.  

Fees should be paid on the 1st-8th of each month 

We do not credit places when children go on holiday or are absent




Government Funding

Funding is available for 2, 3 and 4 years old.

We are more than happy to discuss this with you in more detail.


Childcare Vouchers

Parents that are working, childcare vouchers can prove to be a brilliant way to spread and reduce the costs of your childcare.

Bright Start Day Care is registered to accept all childcare vouchers.