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Harrow Testimonials

Harrow Testimonials 

Dancia Anderson

5th July 2017 

I have had 2 children at the nursery from 3 months to school age. They are so fantastic with the children. The staff genuinely care and are passionate about looking after the children. They have great activities and well planned days. The food is great. Overall I am so happy we chose Bright Start and couldn't recommend them more highly.

Andy Brini

27th June 2017

My daughter loves going to this nursery. she enjoys her time there and has formed strong bonds with both carers and her peers. we do feel she is thoroughly looked after and would definitely recommend it to other parents

Naomi Carr-Jackson

27th June 2017

Bright start is a brilliant nursery,

my son absolutely loves it here all teachers are very friendly and caring.

Shanes always has something exciting he has done or learnt.

definitely recommend the nursery.

Carole Brooks
3rd May 2017
My son has been attending Bright Start Daycare since July 2014 and i am very pleased with his development. The staff are very friendly and the atmosphere is great. My son settled in pretty quickly and he has come such a long way. I would 100% recommend this nursery as the setting is great and child-centred. I cannot thank the staff enough. Thank you!!!!!

Milda Kirsnyte

28th April 2017

My son started Brightstart Daycare Nursery at 24 months old. I am extremely happy with the progress he made and I could not ask for more when it comes to how loved and looked after my boy is in here.

Every parent is a bit anxious of leaving their child under the care of someone else. I feel so confident and reassured having all this amazing and caring staff spending time with my son.

I am very happy with the information I am provided with the development of the my child and all the steps are being taken to teach him something new everyday. He is always coming back home with some new ideas, full of excitement and good memories.

I only have positive things to say about Brightstart Daycare nursery, Highly recommend!

Helen Wall

9th March 2017

Both my sons have attended Bright Start and both have really enjoyed their time there.  The staff are a solid team with a very low turn over.  Many have been there since we started in 2011.  They really love and take care of the children.  Cuddles and kisses are a big part of the warmth and family feel of the nursery.  

As a pack away nursery the children benefit from different toys and layouts thoughtfully prepared by the staff each day.  Outside play is a big thing that the children enjoy too - come rain or shine they get to run around.

My favourite part of Bright Start though is the extra mile they go with learning.  If they are making cakes, often they will take the children to get the ingredients from the shop too.  Recently my youngest and his friends made Oyster Cards which the staff laminated.  The staff then took them on the bus for a couple of stops and back again. I hear the bus driver made sure to look at each of the cards. How lovely!

I also just want to mention the quality of the food.They have a great cook come in and prepare fresh healthy food for lunch.  Nothing is processed or reheated.  Fantastic!  

Its a safe friendly place, where children feel loved. 

Katie Gould
27th January 2017

We have been delighted with the care and kindness that our son has received at bright start. The staff have ensured that our son is always happy and that he has many different learning experiences. He truly has had a bright start here and we're so happy with his progress.

Shagufta Malik 

19th December, 2016

My daughter absolutely loves going to nursery. The staff are very caring and she has developed a very close and special bond with her carers.  I was very anxious to drop her to nursery whilst so young and long hours but she is very well settled and really enjoys doing the range of creative activities. I love all the work she brings home to show me. She has learnt a lot of independency- learning to walk quickly, eating by herself, learning to hold a pen etc I am pleased with how the carers always listened to my requests with regards to her feeding, sleeping, changing, when she was unwell etc I am especially pleased with the daily diary which I can access on the website so I am always aware of how her day was. 

Rifka Rifaideen

6th December, 2016

My son started his  school on 03 rd September 2016 which is now almost 4 months . As a mother I can see a massive different from my son because before his discipline and understanding wise was quite down , and when he started to go bright day care nursery he learnt a lot . now my is able to do what I say . I have to appreciate all the staffs who teach good manners for the children and to do other activities ..

good environment, good staffs really helpful and my son enjoying going to bright day care nursery ... 

thanks for all the staffs who take care of children ..  

Joyce Christy

6th December, 2016

My daughter started Bright start when she was one year and surely it has given her a great start. All  staff , including the manager are very caring, committed and sincere in every effort to make children enjoy their day at the nursary. Staff in this nursary enjoy what they do and this translates in the work they do with our children. I can see my daughter has  developed a lot of confidence in this year  and speaks very fondly of her teachers and friends. She is very observant of  the attention given to her and acknowledges it , nothing goes past her (lol. )I have utmost trust in the staff and can work peacefully and this is a huge blessing for me. Even when we pray, she will remind me to pray for the nursary staff incase I forget . She values the staff a lot and is happy to attend everyday  which again is a huge blessing  

Roberta Walker 

5th December, 2016
My son has attended Bright Start since he was one and I have been so pleased with his progress and the way he’s looked after. The staff are friendly, honest and great with the children. My son is fed a varied balanced diet, which he’s happy to eat. The activities offered to him are fun and educational. I would recommend Bright Start to anyone looking for childcare, they are also good value for money. 

H Choudhry 

5th December, 2016

My son has been at Bright Start for almost two years and thoroughly enjoys his time there. He has developed a great relationship with all the staff as they provide a loving nourishing environment for him. Their activities are well planned and they take guidance/feedback from parents on a regular basis. The open play rooms and free flow has encouraged independence in my son and he is developing into a confident, kind and inquisitive child under the guidance of the staff. 

Eleanor Burtt-Jones

5th December, 2016

My daughter attends full time and loves her time at Bright Start. The staff are caring, attentive and put a lot of effort into the activities the children do.

Knowing my daughter is in a lovely environment where she is happy whilst I'm at work is so important to me and she comes home happy every day.

Luciane Luvison

5th December, 2016

Brightstart care day is a wonderful nursery and Alicia is very happy there. The manager and also the staff are lovely and very friendly. Also they do a great  different  range of activities everyday. I'm so glad to have found this nursery and I highly recommend them.  

Paul Whitely 

5th December, 2016

All-in-all, everything is brilliant and Ethan is very happy. The only thing wrong with Brightstart nursery is the access road... 


Sajida Ahmed

July 16, 2015 

Well managed. Good resources. Lovely staff. Very nice setting


Abi Fernando

July 16, 2015 

Bright start is a wonderful place and Noah is always happy there. They do a fantastic range of activities and all the staff are lovely.


Jo-Anne Renwick

June 8, 2015 

Both my children have attended Bright Start day care. My daugther went to Brightstart from the age of 2 until 4yrs old, she is 10yrs old now. My son has been there since he was 9months old and is 4yrs old now and will be starting reception in Sept 2015. My daugher loved her time at the daycare and made some wonderful friends. One of whom is now her best friend. My son enjoys his time at Bright Start and loves all the daily activities. He comes home tired after a fun filled day of learning and play. All the staff are friendly and caring. My kids have loved every key worker that has looked after them. Regular feedback is always given by the staff and there are also parent/teacher meetings which are really useful. Each child is treated as an individual and given the correct care and attention which I found rather import as my son had some hearing issues which caused a speech delay when he was still little. He did need surgery to correct this, but they took their time and patience to help him develop and he is now thriving young man and is a little chatter box. Bright Start is like a home away from home and I highly recommend them.





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